Heather and Gabriel are based in SouthWest Virginia. Heather is a Licensed professional Counselor in the state of virginia and Gabriel is a resident in counseling.

They are the hosts of informed consent!

Ep. 035 Agency Survival with Jill Williams

Agency work is wrought with challenging cases, long hours, low pay, etc.  How does one survive in this environment?  In this episode, Heather and Gabriel interview Jill Williams, LCSW in order to answer that very question.  Jill owns a private practice in Asheville, NC, Flourish Counseling and Life Coaching, where she provides supervision for licensure in addition to clinical work specializing in anxiety disorders and PTSD. Prior to opening her practice, she successfully navigated the challenges of working in an agency.  Jill shares with us her strategy for surviving and thriving working in an agency setting which includes:

  • Understanding your value to the agency

  • Importance of relationships with coworkers

  • Ways to make yourself an extremely valuable part of the work place - stepping up to challenges with gusto

  • Recognizing your limits

  • Advocating for yourself when it's time for a raise!

  • Knowing when it is time to move on altogether and doing it without fear

To find more information on Jill Williams, LCSW, visit her website at https://www.flourishasheville.com.

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