Heather and Gabriel are based in SouthWest Virginia. Heather is a Licensed professional Counselor in the state of virginia and Gabriel is a resident in counseling.

They are the hosts of informed consent!

Ep. 50: Timing in Counseling

What does music, acting, and counseling all have in common?  Yep, Timing!  In choreographing the dance of therapy, we need to be especially mindful of the therapeutic relationship and timing.  During this episode, Gabriel and Heather discuss considerations in timing to include:

  • Stages of Change

  • Precontemplation

  • Contemplation

  • Planning

  • Action

  • Maintenance

In these stages it is less important what technique or theoretical framework you use, and more important is timing and pacing with the client

Through pacing we need to be sure to not move faster or slower than the client yet we need to anticipate the next move to be ready as soon as they are.  

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