Heather and Gabriel are based in SouthWest Virginia. Heather is a Licensed professional Counselor in the state of virginia and Gabriel is a resident in counseling.

They are the hosts of informed consent!

Ep. 73 Brain Play: An interview with Christina Gibson

Christina Gibson is a School Psychologist in Roanoke, VA. Christina joins us to talk about Brain Play. Brain Play is a cognitive training program that addresses the challenges that children with ADHD, autism, and other cognitive issues face such as an inability to focus and concentrate, working memory, and other executive functioning tasks. This program supports recent research in neuroplasticity and addresses eight core cognitive areas: sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, working memory, processing speed, pattern recognition, category formation, multi-tasking, and self regulation. Christina provides information on the benefits of the program, the ideal client, and the ways in which this program is a complement to therapy and medication.

Visit www.brainplayva.com for more information.

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