Heather and Gabriel are based in SouthWest Virginia. Heather is a Licensed professional Counselor in the state of virginia and Gabriel is a resident in counseling.

They are the hosts of informed consent!

Ep 72 Closed Circuit Testimony, an interview with Dr. Angie Dahl

Dr. Angie Dahl is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Ferrum College, and she is the Clinical Director of the Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center. Dr. Dahl joins us to discuss information on closed circuit testimony for child witness testimony in court including:

  • Code of Virginia allowances for such testimony

  • The court process for closed circuit testimony

  • Considerations in assessing need

  • Procedures for assisting clients in accessing this service

Visit: https://www.dcjs.virginia.gov/sites/dcjs.virginia.gov/files/publications/juvenile/child-witness-testimony-court-using-closed-circuit-equipment.pdf

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