Heather and Gabriel are based in SouthWest Virginia. Heather is a Licensed professional Counselor in the state of virginia and Gabriel is a resident in counseling.

They are the hosts of informed consent!

Ep. 031 Valuing Yourself

What are you worth?  That is the question that Gabriel and Heather pose in this episode.  To fully celebrate your value, one must first evaluate their own worth asking yourself the questions:

  • What are your strengths?

  • What is your unique genius?

Most of us have heard and/or used the phrase “I didn’t get into this field to make the big bucks.”  Today’s episode challenges you to end the martyrdom and to begin to explore your relationship with money.  We all have a narrative that we have created our our life that includes our relationship with money.  This narrative affects our self worth and informs our relationships with ourselves, others, and our clinical work.  The exploration of our relationship with money begins with an assessment of:

  • Our belief system around money and about those who have money

  • Our religious beliefs

  • Underlying emotions about money

As you increase your awareness about financial matters and your beliefs about money, it is easier to see money as an equivalent of your time and as a symbol of a relationship.  Thus, it brings a new perspective to the question, “What am I worth?” It is important for us to develop a value for ourselves based on what we bring to the table.  Not all things, people, and/or services are created equal.  Our unique gifts have value, and we owe it to ourselves to advocate for our own worth!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Sex, Money, KISS by Gene Simmons


Joan Sotkin:

http://prosperityplace.com/ and The Prosperity Show podcast

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