Below all episodes of our podcast, Informed Consent about ADHD with host Gabriel Villarreal, Resident in Counseling, owner and therapist at ADHD Counseling in the Roanoke Valley



Exercise is medicine! In this episode, Gabriel shares his passion and expertise in using exercise to effectively manage ADHD. Gabriel and Heather will be sharing research to back up their claims as well as a plethora anecdotal evidence.


Helping our clients with ADHD includes helping their parents find their stride. In today’s episode, Heather and Gabriel discuss a format for supporting parents as outlined in the book “8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD” by Cindy Goldrich. 


The ADHD series continues with a frank discussion about misdiagnosis. In this episode, Heather and Gabriel explore to various components that attribute to misdiagnosis as well as considerations for developing a differential diagnosis. 


Nikki Kinzer is an ADHD Coach and the co-host of “Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast”. In this episode, Nikki teaches us all things ADHD coaching. From becoming a coach, to the coaching process, to what therapists need to know about ADHD and coaching.


Dr. Sam English is the President/CEO of DefiniPoint, the first and only complete online system that makes it easy and confident to obtain needed ADHD behavioral information from multiple individuals. 
Learn more at www.attentionpoint.com